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The things you should know:
  • Scroll down to see the Problemset.
  • Judge is a Pentium 4, 2.8GH
  • If you have trouble viewing HTML, view the PDF files.
  • For all problems assume pi=2*acos(0) or pi=2*cos_inverse(0).
  • The Contest duration may be increased for our mistakes or to give people more Time to Practice.
  • To send clarification send mail to
  • The Clarification replies will be given via email. But it may also be put in the Clarification Board if it is of general interest.
  • Please look at the Clarification Board for any correction notice.
  • Use the entire DOC or PDF file for Latest Version and better quality.

The Problemset

Serial, Title & HTML link  Problemsetter
(A) Water Gate Management  pdf  Seksun Suwanmanee
(B) Binary Search Tree  pdf  Seksun Suwanmanee
(C) Fun Coloring  pdf  Sanpawat Kantabutra
(D) Twin Apparent Primes!!  pdf  Shahriar Manzoor
(E) Queen Game  pdf  Abdullah al Mahmud
(F) Spelling Suggestion  pdf  Chalathip Thumkanon
(G) Coalescing Continents  pdf  Sohel Hafiz
(H) Fence Making  pdf Shahriar Manzoor
(I) Paths in a Tree  pdf   Jane Alam Jan
(J) Consecutive Sums  pdf  Shahriar Manzoor

Click here to get doc problemset
Click here to get pdf problemset

Thanks to:
Thanks to Prof. William B. Poucher, Prof. Miguel A. Revilla, Prof. Gordon V. Cormack, Prof. Dick Rinewalt, Prof. M. Kaykobad, Rezaul Alam Chowdhury, Carlos, Ciriaco Garcia De Celis, Fernando P. Najera Cano, other ACM Valladolid Online Judge Team Members and above all our families and well wishers.

- ACM Valladolid On-line Judge team

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