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Rujia Liu's Present 4: A contest dedicated to Geometry and CG lovers


Title Time Limit (sec)
A Smallest Regular Polygon 1.000
B An Angular Puzzle 1.000
C Nine-Point Circle 1.000
D Composite Transformations 2.000
E 2D Geometry 110 in 1! 1.000
F Polishing a Extruded Polygon 5.000
G My SketchUp 2.000
H Smallest Enclosing Rectangle 2.000
I Smallest Enclosing Box 20.000
J A Strange Opera House II 20.000
K Point Location 2.000
L All-Pair Farthest Points 2.000
M Bounding Volume Hierarchy 10.000
N A Tiny Raytracer 10.000
O The Cleaning Robot 5.000

Problem descriptions


Restricted Standings